Models by ADRS_Integrated students. Centre model by Thomas Queale, Oscar Peh + Jacqueline Altmann.

Mnemonic Nodes

Julie Nichols
Katica Pedisic

CoordinatorADRS Context + Integrated 2023

The ADRS Context + Integrated 2023 studio, "Mnemonic Nodes" focuses on respecting First Nations Peoples' relationship with Country, addressing climate emergency and social justice through architecture. It prompts students to consider ethical building design in Australia's cultural landscapes and sustainable food production. The studio involves tackling global and local issues like waste recycling, bio-research, and food production. Projects were developed on urban and regional sites in Adelaide [Tarrkarri – Kaurna Nation] and Mundoo Island, Coorong [Ngarrindjeri Nation], encompassing various scales and aspects like structural anatomy and ecological impact. The program culminates in the SUPERSEED presentations, showcasing comprehensive architectural solutions that respond to contemporary challenges.


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